The gatha Sanbutsuge comes from The Larger Sutra of Immeasurable Life. It is the praises voiced by Bodhisattva Dharmakara to the Buddha Lokesvraraja.

In these praises Dharmakara expresses his own desire to attain Buddhahood and his heartfelt determination to accomplish his goal for the sake of saving all sentient beings.

The English translation of this gatha is from the Dharma School Service Book, by the Buddhist Churches of America, 1981, and Tan Butsu Ge, by Rev. Guomay M. Kubose, 1976.


Jodo Shin Shu chants are often followed by the chanting of Nembutsu and end with the”Ekoku” written by Shan Tao(Zendo in Japanese, 618-681 CE, which expresses the aspiration that all beings benefit by the truth and virtue of the drahma.



Ko gen gi gi
I ji mu goku
Nyo ze en myo
Mu yo to sha
Your radiant countenance is majestic,
And your dignity is boundless.
Radiant splendor such as yours
Has no equal.
Nichi gatsu ma ni
Shu ko en nyo
Kai shitsu on pei
Yu nyaku ju moku
Even the blazing light of
The sun, moon, and mani-jewels
Is completely hidden and obscured,
And looks like a mass of black ink-sticks.
Nyo rai yo gen
Cho se mu rin
Sho gaku dai on
Ko ru jip-po
The countenance of the Tathagata
Is unequaled in the world;
The great voice of the Perfectly Enlightened One
Resounds throughout the ten quarters.

Kai mon sho jin
San mai chi e
I toku mu ryo
Shu sho ke u

Your observance of precepts, learning, diligence,
Meditation and wisdom –
The magnificence of these virtues is peerless,
Excellent and unsurpassed.
Jin tai zen en
Sho butsu ho kai
Gu jin jin no
Ku go gai tai
He meditates deeply and directly
On the oceanic Dharma of all the Buddhas.
He knows its depth and breadth
And penetrates to its farthest end.
Mu myo yoku nu
Se son yo mu
Nin o shi shi
Jin toku mu ryo
Ignorance, greed and anger
Are forever absent in the World-Honored One.
He is the lion, the most valiant of all men;
His glorious virtue is unlimited.
Ku kun ko dai
Chi e jin myo
Ko myo i so
Shin do dai sen
His meritorious achievements are vast;
His wisdom is deep and sublime.
His light, with awe-inspiring glory,
Shakes the universe of a thousand million worlds.
Gan ga sa butsu
Zai sho ho o
Ka do shoji
Mi fu ge datsu
I resolve to become a Buddha,
Equal in attainment to you, O holy king of the Dharma,
To save living beings from birth-and-death,
And to lead them all to emancipation.
Fu se jo i
Kai nin sho jin
Nyo ze san mai
Chi e ijo
My discipline in giving, mind-control,
Moral virtues, forbearance and effort,
And also in meditation and wisdom,
Shall be supreme and unsurpassed.
Go sei toku butsu
Fu gyo shi gan
Issai ku ku
I sa dai an
I vow that, when I have become a Buddha,
I shall carry out this promise everywhere;
And to all fear-ridden beings
Shall I give great peace.
Ke shi u butsu
Hyaku sen oku man
Mu ryo dai sho
Shu nyo go ja
Even though there are Buddhas,
A thousand million kotis in number,
And multitudes of great sages
Countless as the sands of the Ganges,
Ku yo is sai
Shi to sho butsu
Fu nyo gu do
Ken sho fu gyaku
I shall make offerings
To all those Buddhas.
I shall seek the supreme Way
Resolutely and tirelessly.
Hi nyo go ja
Sho butsu se kai
Bu fu ka ge
Mu shu setsu do
Even though the Buddha-lands are as innumerable
As the sands of the Ganges,
And other regions and worlds
Are also without number.
Ko myo shissho
Hen shi sho koku
Nyo ze sho jin
I jin nan ryo
My light shall shine everywhere,
Pervading all those lands.
Such being the result of my efforts,
My glorious power shall be immeasurable.
Ryo ga sa butsu
Koku do dai ichi
Go shu ki myo
Do jo chozetsu
When I have become a Buddha,
My land shall be most exquisite,
And its people wonderful and unexcelled;
The seat of Enlightenment shall be supreme.
Koku nyo naion
Ni mu to so
Ga to aimin
Do datsu issai
My land, being like Nirvana itself,
Shall be beyond comparison.
I take pity on living beings
And resolve to save them all.
Jippo rai sho
Shin etsu sho jo
I to ga koku
Ke raku an on
Those who come from the ten quarters
Shall find joy and serenity of heart;
When they reach my land,
They shall dwell in peace and happiness.
Ko butsu shin myo
Ze ga shin sho
Hotsu gan o hi
Riki sho sho yoku
I beg you, the Buddha, to become my witness
And to vouch for the truth of my aspiration.
Having now made my vows to you,
I will strive to fulfill them.
Jippo se son
Chi e mu ge
Jo ryo shi son
Chi ga shin gyo
The World-Honored Ones in the ten quarters
Have unimpeded wisdom;
I call upon those Honored Ones
To bear witness to my intention.
Ke ryo shin shi
Sho ku doku chu
Ga gyo sho jin
Nin ju fu ke
Even though I must remain
In a state of extreme pain,
I will diligently practice,
Enduring all hardships with tireless vigor.